About Us

Great minds coming together.

Our Story

In 2018 Marty discovered other invisible outlets and decided to make a cleaner, simpler solution. 3 years later, lots of testing and going through UL approval, Flush Mount was launched. We are proud to be invented and 100% manufactured in Arizona.

Marty Guthmiller

Owner / CEO

I saw an invisible outlet a few years ago and had to have it!  However, after pulling it apart and seeing how it worked, I thought there has to be a better way.  Several trips to the hardware store, lots of hot glue, and experimenting the first prototype was conceived.  I taught myself AutoCAD, purchased a couple of 3D printers, (to keep up with my ideas) and Flush Mount was born.  I’m excited for the future products we have in the works as well. Who needs to sleep?!

Flush Mount Marty Guthmiller
Flushmount Jenny Delapp

Jenny DeLapp

Marketing and Sales

I’m excited to be part of a start-up that will change design.

Flush Mount Dave Greenstein

Dave Greenstein


It’s exciting to be involved in something that will change the construction industry.