Our simple design allows you to get in the project easily.

Easy Process

Our simple four step process cuts out the need for drywall inserts or large complicated cuts to existing drywall.

Flush Mount Outlet

Flush Mount Box

During the rough stage, nail on the box like a regular electrical box.

Flush Mount Box

Drywall & Ring

After normal drywall install (no need for large or extra cuts) attach mud ring and plug.

Flush Mount Electrical Box

Mud & Sand

Tape mud and sand like normal. No need for time consuming sheet rock cuts, extra tape or sanding.

Flush Mount Outlet

Fascia & Paint

The facias can be spray painted with the wall or faux painted to match wood, granite or any other background.

Finish possibilities

Whether you are installing on a waterfall counter, wood panelling or complicated tile, Flush Mount has a solution for you.

Flush Mount Outlet
Flush Mount Light Switch



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